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Random Password Generator

Online Random Password Generator

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by Steve Dawson (written in PHP and JQuery)

It is always a good idea to use a random password, never use words which are in the dictonary, nor dates of birth, nor childrens names, nor postcodes, nor street names etc NEVER use the same password for more than ONE online account.

Use a totally random password for all your online passwords. The best password is always one you can not remember yourself, so get into the habit of using fully randomised passwords for your accounts and then using a password manager to store them in or password protected excel spreadsheet. Its better to be safe than sorry, especially with online account passwords.

Random Password Generator

How many charactors should your password(s) consist of:

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Password Safety Tips

*   NEVER EVER give out your passwords to ANYONE! But in certain cases your may need to, if you do, reset the password again after it has been used

*   No password online is safe, change your passwords for your online accounts at regular intervals

*   Hackers are mainly interested in online banking, PayPal and Ebay passwords, always keep these safe a since they have access; they can rack up big bills using your data.

*   Do not use the same password on multiple websites, email addresses and usernames can often be guessed correctly on sites such as Ebay and PayPal so be on your guard!

*   Use a password manger to keep track of all your passwords and don't be tempted to use an online password manager tool, the admin on these websites will have access to all your data!! Use one which can be stored locally.

*   Don't send any of your passwords via email, emails can and are read by server employees etc, who have full access to your emails and website browsing habits.

*   And always remember this one.. Never write them down and store them in your purse or wallet, you're asking for trouble if you do this and this goes for your bank pin numbers aswell!

*   So to recap, stay safe by storing your passwords in a password manager and use fully randomised generated passwords for your accounts.

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