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PokerMax PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script

PokerMax PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script

PHP Scripts > PokerMax PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script

by Steve Dawson PHP Developer (written in PHP and JQuery) download PokerMax Tournament Poker Script

Well I kept getting asked for it so I have released my PokerMax Poker League and Tournament tracker PHP script. Its is currently in use keeping track of the local poker league that I am a member of and this script fits the bill perfectly to manage any poker league with an unlimited number of poker players and tournaments.

Free PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament ScriptThis software will allow you to run a poker league on your website, pub place of business etc. It can only run one poker league at a time. Each poker league can be made up of an unlimited number of tournaments which cover the league. You can also create your poker league players a profile with a little bit about themselves, so when there name appear on the poker tournament leaderboard and poker tournament result pages, visitors to your website can view a short profile about them.

Please be aware this is not a PHP Poker script which will allow any user to register, create an account and then register for tournaments, PokerMax Poker League will need a poker tournament director or admin area administrator to add players, their profiles, create the tournaments for the league and add/update any scores the poker players have accumulated over the poker tournament duration.

Easy Installation, edit the config file and click a button! - all database files and table will be created for you!

  • Create a Poker League and add the league information
  • The Poker League can have an unlimited number or tournaments and venues associated with the poker league.
  • Unlimited poker players can be added to PokerMax Poker League script, you only need to add the poker players information once, then you can assign which ever poker players to the poker tournaments they have entered for. This saves valuable time entering the poker players names and nicames into every tournament they enter. This also allows any new players to join anytime in the duration of the poker league and of course, they are not required to enter into every poker tournament.

PokerMax Poker League script is extremely easy to use and laden with features. The concept of keeping track of your poker league results and tournament structures could not be easier, and this script will allow you to print off any previous poker tournament results and poker leaderboard!

PokerMax Poker League Screenshots

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Create Poker League Information

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Add / Update Poker Tournament Results

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Manage Existing Poker Tournaments

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Print out Poker Results

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Poker Tournament Leaderboard

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script
Poker League Back Section

System Requirements

To install PokerMax Poker League poker script on your web server, first you need to make sure that your web host / server meets a few requirements and they are:

  • PHP Enabled Webserver
  • MySQL database facilities
  • PHPMyAdmin or Database Manager
  • And a little bit of common sense!

Adding PokerMax Poker League to your Website

PokerMax Poker League poker script can be used as is, straight from the box, so to speak, but to create the same look and feel as your website, you can will need to create a template design page, which is based on your website design. You can then enter the following line of code into your webpage template and all league tables, player profiles, league information will be able to view in your own design. It is that simple!

Add the following line to your web template where you want the poker leaderboard tables etc. to appear:

<?php include("pokerleague_.php"); ?>

The main file you will be working with is called pokerleague_.php and this is the file that you will be including in your web design template page. You can call the page directly in the browser and use this in the default design, but it would look better in your own website design theme and style, so it's worth taking the time to create the template.

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