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PHP Scripts and MySQL Scripts Projects and Tutorials

PHP Scripts by Steve Dawson

I have created quite a few PHP and MySQL scripts which are very useful to web designers and coders. These full scripts and snippets are made available to try online or download.

A selection of PHP scripts which utilise PHP and in some cases, MySQL. Some are web based and others are available for download in the script download section.

simple accounting php mysql script

Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing Script

Really Simple Accounts and Invoicing Script is a web based online PHP accounting and invoicing solution for very simple in and out accounting to keep track of payments received, expense transactions and invoices... Try the online accounting demo

PHP Accounts and Invoice Script

Random Password Generator Generate random passwords for your online accounts. Free online random password generator, it is always a good idea to use a random password, never use words which are in the dictonary, nor dates of birth, nor childrens names, nor postcodes etc.

HTML Page Source Viewer If your website has been hacked or you have a google malware notification message and you are having a problem finding out where in the html code this has happened, try out this handy script which will allow you to see where the culprit is most likely to be.

Childrens Math Work Sheet Generators Create simple or complex math worksheets. Easy to create online and print onto A4 paper for your child to complete. Its powerful math engine can create any number of combinations of sums for Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division. Coin and other work sheet generators available.

Poker Forum Playing Cards Add poker card images to your poker forum postings with our poker image and playing card forum posting generator. The easy way to create professional poker forum posts to show off your poker hands. It is the easiest way to post your poker hands on any poker forum.

Masking Affiliate Links We all know that the big Affiliate Networks are having problems with their links being blocked by third party programs such as Norton Antivirus. This is causing major problems in the Affiliate Marketing World as computers which run these program can not access click through links or banners.

Encoding Your Email Address If you have to have your email address visible on your website, even though it is an open invitation to receive spam, you should take a few precautions. One step you can take is to encode your email address so the email harvest programs cannot find it when they spider you website.

PHP Spam Free Contact Form Have you been the victim of a contact form spam attack from your PHP contact form on your website? Many people have and it is quite easy to prevent contact form spam and mail form injection header attacks. Or just use the PHP contact form script which will prevent any malicious email contact form spam or email injection attacks.

Simple PHP Password Protect Script Do you want to have a hidden page on your website which only people who you give the password to can access it? Most probably you do as we all have something that we want to hide from prying eyes, that is were this PHP password protect page will come in useful. This very simple script which is easy to install can hide away your protected content!

Simple PHP Text Counter By keeping track of how many people visit your website, you can get some idea of how to improve your website as the hits start to increase. Adding a basic PHP text counter is quite easy and we will take you through each step so you can keep track of visits to your website, which is always handy to know so you can easily see how many visitors your website gets.

PHP CountMe Graphic Page Counter Why not have a counter on your website so you can see how many visitors you are getting. PHPCountMe can be used as a text or image counter. With 10 different types of number displays, you will find one to suit your website. Extremely easy to configure with the usual step by step walk through installation. Try it out now and see the various counter styles you could have as your counter. You can even add your own digits very easily.

PHP Poker League and Poker Tournament Script This php poker script will allow you to run a poker league on your website, pub place of business etc. The poker league can be made up of an unlimited number of tournaments which cover the league. You can also create your poker league players a profile with a little bit about themselves, so when there name appear on the poker tournament leaderboard and poker tournament result pages, visitors to your website can view a short profile about them.

PHP Random Text Banner Rotator The simplest way to add banner ads to your website without the need for a database. PHP RandomRotator will also randomise anything you want including: - Plain text, Images, Banners, Quotes, and Links etc. You can place any number of banners, any size, anywhere on your website by using one simple line of code. In fact you could include whole html webpages, so visitors to your site will get a different page every time they visit! PHP RandomRotator uses a flat text file so no database is required. Download only.

Change the case of Text with PHP This handy little script will change the case of any text you enter into Uppercase, Lowercase etc. Simply enter the text you wish to change into the textbox, select the text change option and click the button. The modified text will be displayed for you.

PHP Date Count Down Script Count down to any specific date and display in your website. Enter the Date, Month and Year and the script will inform you how many days are left to go. Download only.

PHP Visitor Browser Check Find out what type of browser and their computer details are with this simple PHP script which informs you of your visitor Browser details. This is good information so you can improve your website for a more targeted audience.

Kids Work Sheet Generator Its powerful math engine can create any number of combinations of sums from the downright simple to the downright nigh-on impossible!

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