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Database Design and Development Solutions

Database Design and Development Solutions Ways To Get In Touch with Dawson Developers

Database driven websites are increasingly become a more popular solution for the larger websites. Websites which have a database back-end (Content Management System) allows more flexibility with the updating and user interactivity.

It can be utilised to gather the information from a database to display or manipulate the contents to your requirements. Database driven website can be used for many purposes including; news posting, job and career websites.

A database is a collection of data which can be manipulated by storing, saving, updating, editing, inserting, deleting and retrieving. Typically a database is made up of an array or linked tables of rows and columns with each containing specific data.

Once stored in the database, this data can be retrieved and displayed via a browser or other output options.

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Some of the advantages of using database technology include:

Giving you the ability to analyse data in a variety of ways / Reducing the amount of effort involved in managing data / Enforcing a disciplined approach to data management / Acquiring a valuable resource from disparate information / Improving the quality and consistency of information

Our process is simple - We review the customers requirements - We design the database to the required specifications - We fully test the created database on our local test servers - We Implement the database on your server/web hosting - We provide support for your managing of the database.

Large website projects and more complex website requirements may need a database driven website design. Such sites usually fall into categories such as, membership sites, property websites, recruitment websites, social networking sites, and so on...

We are able to consider any website ideas or requirements and can quote you under no obligation, should you require a costing for a database driven website. Ideally to quote you accurately, we would need an overview of your requirements in the form of a spec.

You can run your own database driven website with the minimum of technical knowledge, if you can fill out a form you can run your own site. We provide an admin area for your site, to allow you to administer your site in a quick and easy manner.

\\ Database Driven Projects Include

User Login Systems
Allow access to sensitive data securely by having a section to upload and manage data. Only allowing access to users who have been given a unique username/password for access.

CMS Design
CMS, which is Content Management System, which allows the user to manipulate database on a live system such as website. This is usually a secure login area where data can be edited. Comprehensive cms solutions for managing all your data and/or database applications.

Local Company Intranet
The is basically a website which is only available to your local network or people who have been designated access. These type of solutions are excellent for allowing access to multiple users whilst working at a company on-site, whilst limiting outside access.

View a few Project Case Studies

Before any database and accompanying websites/pages are created we will need to discuss fully what the proposed website will entail. This will allow us to provide you with a proposal and quotation tailored to your exact requirements. The planning and detail which we put into our websites is as important as the initial design phase.

So what does a database driven website entail? The basics of any website and for a database website, planning is a must. The functions, usability, target audiences, conception through to completion are all steps which need consideration. We take you through every step to ensure your database design project is created exactly to your specification.

It is always a good idea to have a full brief ready when requesting any custom database work, as I will need to request one and this will be the basis of the work that is adhered to. Its not a problem if you are not sure, simply contact me for a chat on the best way forward for your project.

A full Innovative, creative, flexible and cost effective custom website database development service designed for your exact requirements. Contact Us